Cute mitten ornament

Looong time gone

Well, hello!

Been gone for soo looong it looks like eternity sometimes. A lot has happened and I’m not going to get into it. Happy to be back to this place and do what I love.

Some new baby patterns are in the testing and some adult ones in the making and I’m really eager to dive into all this.

Since Christmas is coming soon and I’m trying to get into the mood of the season been making some winter embroideries. It’s so hard to decide on the colors and fabrics! Have been keeping some amazing shabby chic scraps and charm squares just for this, but again couldn’t cut them and went on with more bold colors, more familiar and close to the traditional colorways of the holiday. Anyway, there is plenty of time to make both and decide on what’s going to the tree.

I’ve uploaded few to Lena’s Applique in case you want to make some too.

I made this for you Gift Tag

“I made this for you” Machine embroidered gift tag

At last the women’s loafer slippers pattern

…and this one has been waiting for so long now!

It’s a super comfortable slipper! I’m making a woolen pair now for a sweet friend of mine.  Will post the pictures later here.

Well, it’s up finally and you can find it in my shop here, on Craftsy and on Etsy too.

Keep sewing :-)

Womans Loafer

Woman’s Loafer slippers pattern


Toddler skirt pattern – knit and sew

I’m a fresh knitter. I mean I’ve tried to knit so many times, but crochet has allays been easier for me.
Finally I got it last winter. There were these beautiful wool yarns I couldn’t pass and once I bought them, there was no turning back. Hope to have the time to keep mastering my knitting this winter in the evenings.
In the mean time, this last Spring, I was contacted by Allegra, one of the editors at the wonderful knitting magazine Petite Purls. She wanted to know if I can make a pattern for the magazine’s sewing page and I jumped right on it. I even shared with her my recent attempts on knitting. May be it was too early to say “I’m knitting too”, but … Then I got this assignment to make a combo pattern with knitting and sewing techniques.

I’m a slow knitter. Very slow. So how could I make a knit/sew pattern in so short time, like few months… I came up with a skirt with knitted pockets :-) This I could make on time!

Don’t miss to try it – sewing and knitting are for beginners





Berry Picking Skirt

Fun boy’s room pillow

I’ve tried paper piecing few times and it’s a love-hate relationship.  As much as I love the tiny pieces of fabric and the pictures they create, I hate when I make it wrong and need to take the seam ripper. Actually I hate ripping seams, so most often I’ll start it from scratch. That’s exactly what happened with this robot paper piecing. Three times.

The pattern is wonderful – all is numbered and clear, if only there was anyone to follow the numbers.

Anyway, I did it right finally and I love the result! Made the backing from a black dot minky fabric.

The lucky boy loved it too :-)

Boy's room decorative pillow

Cute robot paper pieced boys room pillow

Boy's room decorative pillow

Not glorifying busy!

But anyway, I’ve been busy.

A baby boy pattern was added to the shop since last time – the BABY PAUL shoes pattern and today added a new baby girl pattern – the BABY LILLY shoes pattern. They’re both cute and feature an elastic band on the heel, that makes kicking them off very hard :-)

The third new pattern is for baby girls and bigger girls up to age 6 – the Kimono top pattern.  It’s a cute kimono top with a simple shape and a hanging pocket for tiny stuff! How much cuter can it get?!

Here some pictures :




Baby Bubble/Baloon Dress – promised pattern


It’s published today! Yay!

Isn’t it gorgeous??? It’s a simple baloon dress with no special lining for the baloon and yet it’s full.

It is pull on – no buttons, no zippers, nothing. Just pull on and jump out!

Sewing is very easy if you follow the step by step tutorial and the sizes go from 12/18 months all the way up to 6T.

This is one of my favorite patterns now! I think I’m going to try it from wool too – for a winter dress over a turtle neck.

Here are some pics:


Baby skirt pattern

Une petite Parisienne – this is the new sewing pattern that I want to tell you about.

It’s a pattern for an elastic waist two layer skirt for babies and toddlers all the way up to size 6T or European 116.

It’s a cute skirt, that takes an hour or so to sew and depending on your fabric choice, can be an everyday wear or a formal/bridal one. Babies love layers and exploring, so this is an extra that will occupy them for some time – just to take pictures :-)

There are side pockets for the treasury hunters among the bigger girls.

The pattern sizing starts from 6-9 months to 6T and as usual the pdf contains full step by step tutorial for the sewing.

For the cover picture I used the gorgeous fabrics I got this Winter from Hoodie.

They are from her “L’Amour De La Vie” collection and can be found in most quilting stores.

Don’t you love the bicycles and the flower baskets?

Une-petite-parisienneSkirt Une-petite-parisienneSkir1t Une-petite-parisienneSkir3t Une-petite-parisienneSkir4t Une-petite-parisienneSkir5t Une-petite-parisienneSkir7t

Helpful resources

While still trying to get used to the new place and almost no time for sewing, I made a small list of the shops I use for getting different materials. These are tested, since I’ve ordered from each and every one of them, several times from some.

Some of the materials, like the water soluble backing I use for applique, are bought from local shops with no internet exposure or international shipping, so they’re not on the list.

I’m keeping this place free of advertising and this list is only a reference for whomever needs it.

Boxes etc.

Living between boxes. I have forgotten what it really means to move the whole house!

And the last time we moved we were 3. Now I’m packing for 4.

The light at the end of the tunnel is brighter dough, since we’re probably move most of the boxes through  the weekend and this means, that next week I’ll be pulling things out of the boxes and arranging them around in the new place! Then I can sew again!!!

Oh, I have so many things already planned !  In  the mean time, found an hour to make this cute little A line dress from some Korean cotton I bought last Summer.

It’s made from theVaya long baby and toddler dress pattern, but I’ve shortened it a bit and added embroidered scallop edging instead of the ruffle.  It turned out cute, but even after one wash the fabric feels little stiff. I wanted to make also one Wings blouse from this fabric, but now I’m not sure.

Anyway, here are some pics of the dress.

See you soon after we move :-)