What?! Doll?!?

Yes. A Doll. With a capital D.

It’s a doll for my little one.  I have to admit and may be upset some of you, but I honestly can’t stand Barbie dolls or any other close looking dolls. I’m from those weirdos that believe the aesthetic we teach our children affects them for life and actually affects the next generations in a way. If I scale down to my little girl, I’d love to see her healthy and self accepting no matter what.  So I’m now making a new doll for her. Human doll. The Waldorf one I made last year is waiting for a serious bath. ..  and repair :-)

I started making her yesterday from white Belorussian linen and got to the clothes. Sewing them now. There is yet hair to be sewn or crocheted, haven’t decided yet on this. In the mean time my husband made a wonderful wooden rocking bed for her. The mattress and pillow are already made and I need now to make little quilt. Any ideas about it?

Here some WIP pictures. Have a great day!


Doll Body

Doll Body

Doll face primed and painted

Doll face primed and painted

One thought on “What?! Doll?!?

  1. Marilyn Gray

    I found your sweet doll on Pinterest….LOVE her! Please show how you went about painting the face…It is beautiful! Also, I would love to see the rocking cradle/bed your husband made for the doll. Thank you for sharing!

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