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My Christmas doings

Just showing what I did for Christmas (my handmade gifts)  for my boy and my little girl. It was fun experimenting with machine embroidery and quilting. They love the pillow cases and I love how they turned out. Now two quilts are waiting to be sewn to complete the sets, but since I’ve planned (and bought) using Riley Blake’s Colorful Christmas line and I feel like Spring already, I wonder if these won’t be left for the next winter season…

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No camera :-(

It’s almost a month already, that I’m camera- less.  Thank goodness, the camera itself is ok, but the batteries are dead.

Apparently they are some kind that is not widely used and now I’m waiting for the local store to deliver a new set for me. I could’ve ordered them through internet and a bit regret I didn’t.  It takes too long already and I feel like I’m missing some part of myself. Can’t document anything properly. Tried to shoot some stills with the video camera, but she’s not comparable to the photo camera. The pictures are nor so crisp nor well colored as I’m used to. Well, I suppose there will be some more waiting.

Good thing is the city is all white and the trees are covered with snow like in a winter tale. It’s the perfect time to get a cup of hot cocoa, a good book or something small to crochet and watch the snow piling from the warm hug of the couch. Ah…

Love the winter when I don’t have to go outside.8038747603_0ae6aa4df4_o 8038747891_bf40607a91_o