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Toddler skirt – knit and sew

I’m a fresh knitter. I mean I’ve tried to knit so many times, but crochet has always been easier for me.
Finally got it last winter. There were these beautiful wool yarns I couldn’t pass and once they were mine, there was no turning back. Hope to have the time to keep mastering my knitting this winter in the evenings.

I’m a slow knitter. Very slow. So adding a small knitted pockets to a skirt is totally fulfilling for me at this stage :-)





Berry Picking Skirt

Fabric origami butterfly hair clip tutorial :-)

I’m inspired lately to make hair clips for my little one. No wonder if you only look at her hair! She’s going to kindergarten each morning with one or two braids and a handful of hair clips to hold the hair in place and while she gets to the door, her rebellious hair is already in a desperate need of a re-do… This is every morning! I would’ve let her hair to play with the wind, but it’s the kindergarten policy to have it on a ponytail or braided.
I’m not a big fan of the ribbon “sculpted” hair clips. I like the lined ones, but that’s it. I’m a felt and fabric person. So I made this fabric origami butterfly hair clip. It can go on a brooch too, or even on a dress or hat.

It’s super easy!

I’ve used two different colors taffeta. The size I’ve cut my rectangles  is 2 1/3 by 3 1/2 inches or 6 by 9 centimeters – ratio 1 to 1,5 .


Place both pieces together with right sides of fabric facing.


Sew around all sides, leaving an opening on one of the short sides. My butterfly is so small, that I left the whole side open.


It looks like a little baggy thing. I’ve clipped the corners and turned it around. Pulled all corners and ironed.

Iron the opening seam allowance (1/4 in – 6mm) toward the inside and  top stitch at 1mm from the edge.


Iron the rectangle. If you’re using a thin sheer fabric, it”s a good idea to add a fusible interfacing before cutting the rectangles, so it makes crisp creases.

Next, fold in two (meet the short sides) and then one more time in two, again the short sides meet.Fabric-butterfly-origami-5



Make a fold, bringing the upper fold corner to the center, like shown on the picture.

Repeat the same with the second fold corner and you should have a house shape.


If needed, pin the folds. Iron each fold.


Here’s the house!


Now take one of the center folds in the bottom middle and fold a triangle inward.


Like this^


Do the same with the second corner.

Sorry for the blurry picture – winter time here with very little light today…  Anyway, open the triangle fold just made and stretch it toward the center of “roof” of the house shape.


Open the second fold too and pin to hold. The taffeta didn’t take well my pins – you could probably see the holes in the fabric.


This is the back of the butterfly at this stage.


Fold the center triangle downwards and pin.


Now take your butterfly to the machine and make a seam right through the middle between the wings. I’m using an embroidery thread for the whole project here, but chose white , so you can see it. It would be better to use a matching color or a complementing one.


I made another seam under the bottom wings to hold them in place.


I’m using a double pointed flower stem for the antennae.  Sew the butterfly to a hair clip. The hair clip I’m using has 3 holes in the base. That’s all!


What?! Doll?!?

Yes. A Doll. With a capital D.

It’s a doll for my little one.  I have to admit and may be upset some of you, but I honestly can’t stand Barbie dolls or any other close looking dolls. I’m from those weirdos that believe the aesthetic we teach our children affects them for life and actually affects the next generations in a way. If I scale down to my little girl, I’d love to see her healthy and self accepting no matter what.  So I’m now making a new doll for her. Human doll. The Waldorf one I made last year is waiting for a serious bath. ..  and repair :-)

I started making her yesterday from white Belorussian linen and got to the clothes. Sewing them now. There is yet hair to be sewn or crocheted, haven’t decided yet on this. In the mean time my husband made a wonderful wooden rocking bed for her. The mattress and pillow are already made and I need now to make little quilt. Any ideas about it?

Here some WIP pictures. Have a great day!


Doll Body

Doll Body

Doll face primed and painted

Doll face primed and painted