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How to find time for all?!

Well, I love to make all kinds of embroidery – crosstitch, handstitching, Roccoco, red work, white work….
I love to crochet too! My Grandmother told me how when I was around 6. Probably the most enjoyable for me are the crochetted edgings. … and Christmas angels…. Oh, and snowflakes. I love the huge table covers, but hey, who has so much time? It’ll take me years to finish one!
Grandma¬†also taught me how to do netting with the strange two sided fork looking tool, that I inherited from her and she used it in school back in the 40’s. I never completed my “education” in net work, but intend to some day…
Some 15 years ago I saw a Burda magazine for tatting and fell in love with the look of the lace. Well, I learned that too, although it took me quite some time to figure out how to move those shuttles, since no one I know was able to teach me.
I really wanted to learn to knit lace and I guess it can¬†happen some day, thogether with the learning to make bobbin lace. Ah… When do I find the time to practice all this?! I’m crossstitching now these hearts for a patchwork table runner I’m making for my mother in law. The crocheted edging is for a natural linen dress, but I can see it finished for the next summer with this speed, as I need more than 3 yards… And I wanted to make some angels this Christmas – I always seem to give them away. At the same time, school year is starting in just 3 weeks and I have a list of things to sew.

How one can find time for all this?!