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Cork and linen coasters tutorial

Here it is:

You’ll need a piece of cork ( mine is 2mm thick), fabric with the same size, carpenter’s white glue,
knife or shears, needle, embroidery floss and … iron.
Iron lightly the cork piece from both sides. Mine is cut from a roll, so I have to do this to flatten it.
Don’t use steam or it will buckle. Put generous amount of glue.
I use my fingers for spreading the glue. If you like use a brush. Sorry for the picture!
Iron the fabric you’ll be using and place it on top of the glue, wrong side facing down. Press it with fingers and make sure there are no trapped air bubbles under the fabric.  If the glue dries and there are bubbles, there is no way to remove them….
Iron again, while still wet. This speeds up the drying process and fixes the glue in both fabric and cork.
I don’t wait for the glue to completely dry, but it would be better to wait. Use a roller cutter or knife and square the sandwich.
I don’t like the square and am going to round the corners with shears.
It is easy to cut and doesn’t spoil the shears.
Here are my two coasters – brown and natural linen. It can be done with any fabric. I haven’t tried to wash them yet, but spot cleaning should work fine.
Now you can transfer an embroidery pattern and stitch it, or use silk ribbons to make a running stitch around the edge. The surface can be easily block printed or stamped….
As any other ambroidery, there are several ways to finish the stitching, but I chose to tie it.
I’m in a hurry today and didn’t have time to finish this properly(i.e. go all the way around…), but you got the idea.
These coasters are very light and nature friendly, so give them a try!
Be back soon with more and don’t forget the Christmas giveaway :-)