My Wings top baby & toddler pattern


The Summer isn’t officially here yet, but since yesterday was 31C  I thought it’s time to give this pattern a new go.

I made the “My Wings” blouse this time in hot summer red.  The different here is, that I used my favorite KAM snaps instead of making buttonholes and sewing buttons. The other difference is, that I used ready made orange bias tape for the neck and arm openings.

I found out recently, that many are hesitating to use bias tape and avoiding projects with use of it and it made me wonder. The truth is, that this is one miraculously easy to put and professionally looking finish to almost any neckline or hem. With the ready tapes that are now sold in all the colors imaginable, it is a BIG time saver too.

Do you find it intimidating too?

I’ll put a small tutorial for the use of the bias tape soon, so stay tuned :-)

Comforting butterfly

Well, we’re moving. Ugh… may be Yay!… not sure yet.

I hate changing apartment, but the owner is selling the one we live in the last 5 years, so we have to move.

It’s not rushed, but it turns my whole world around! This means packing everything (I mean EVERYTHING) and moving all furniture and washing machine, dryer,freezer, air conditioner, dishwasher… As this is not our first change of apartment as a family, I know it’s actually good, because I’ll get rid of a lot of stuff and it’s a relief , but not being able to work for  a month and the adaptation period in the new place are not what I looked for this Summer.

The stress is huge and I have been through this, so I know what to expect. More or less. But my little one was born in this place and cant understand why we’re leaving “our” home and where we’re going. I can’t even imagine how stressful is this for a 4 year old! Her big brother is doing better, but not happy as he might not be able to see his friends from the building as often. And it’s almost the end of the school year. Need I add more?

The good thing is I’ll get to sew new stuff for the new house!

I started already by making this new butterfly (I must be having something for butterflies!) hair clip holder.

It’s viscose felt with cotton plaid and some stitching. The ribbons are sewed to the back and there’s loop behind the bug’s head, so hang it.

It’s for the new kids room and will be kind of a sweet new thing to be looking for. I’ll be making also a floor pillows for the kids. They don’t have floor pillows now, since the space is too small, so it’ll be a surprise.

Thinking also for some other little things to toss around at the new place, so the kids get excited and feel better about all this. I don’t have a lot of time, so these must be small or fast going projects.

Accepting ideas!

Felt applique and embroidery hair clips holder

Felt applique and embroidery hair clips holder

A new pattern today

I’ve been exploring the new to me field of paper piecing with a pattern of my awesome friend Rumi from Right Patterns and got in spring mood… Check out her blog to see her wonderful mini quilts with urban twist.

Here’s what I did with her patterns:



I was quite intimidated in the beginning, since I’ve never done paper piecing, and all those tiny pieces looked impossible to piece accurately, but it’s actually super easy and great fun! You should try. And the best part is I’ll get to use those bags of scraps I’ve been collecting for years!

Now to the point – I surprised myself by finally finishing this pattern for the Woman’s Mary Jane slippers :-)

So happy today! It’s been a real fun making it. Now I have about 12 single shoes left from the tests and have to figure out what to do with them :-)

The pattern comes in sizes US 2 to 11 and EU 32 to 42  – I’ve changed the sizing measurements I was using for my other patterns, so these are more snug fit and I’ll be probably reworking the woman’s kimono and ballerina slippers also to this system. Here some picture of these beauties:




Breaking the silence

I know it’s a long, long time and I’ve neglected this place. I have good reasons, but anything would sound like an excuse now, so I decided to break the silence with not one, but two new patterns!


Girls undies – sewing pattern for babies (12 months) to girls (6 years) !




And drummroll again, please…

The formal baby ballerina shoe pattern


It was loud. Right?

See ya :-)

Valentine key holder tutorial


Key to my heart

I’m so excited! Today SewMamaSew blog is featuring my Valentine key holder tutorial

It’s a  simple project for a key holder, that can be made also as a fabric card for a special loved one.

To see the tutorial and download pattern, visit SewMamaSew

I’m so busy preparing few Spring projects recently, thus my blogging absence, but it’ll be worth it!

The weather doesn’t help my Spring mood at all! We had code red snow storms twice this last month and since yesterday all roads in the county are closed for private vehicles. It’s like living in an ice age! The thermometer shows -16C today, but it’s going to fall to -21 in the evening…  Thank goodness we’re all well  and cozy home!

Let’s do some heart warming projects now :-)


New toddler patterns to come

Staying home for the schools winter vacation and knitting several projects, that will get finished probably for the Spring, decided to share some pictures of the new patterns, that will come some time soon.

I had a hard disk on my computer replaced and needed to reinstall the pattern software, that took some time, since it generates the license based on individual numbers of the system, generated through the installation… Sound like rocket science, but the great guy that made the software was quick and extremely helpful! Thank goodness, I have my software running again. I don’t like grading by hand.

Hope to be able to add some new Spring/Summer patterns before Easter.

Here are the almost ready ones.




I’ll keep some secret ;-)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!
We had a calm and quiet Christmas this year. At least until the kids got their presents…

My Santa brought me amazing surprise! What could it be if I changed 3 steam irons through the last year?! Of course an iron :-) And since he knows I have a thing about ginkgos, I got an iron with ginkgo leaves


She’s beautiful and has the most powerful steam shot I’ve seen so far! And of course she’s Rowenta.  So good when Santa knows you personally !

Anyway, I’m  curious – do you iron when you sew? What do you iron at all? What kind of iron you’re using/preferring?

What did you do around the holidays (cooking doesn’t count!)?

I was knitting mittens and socks. It’s addictive.

A sun beam at last

Last two weeks have been a challenge for the whole family. First Vaya got something, the pediatrician called virus pneumonia…. then I got it from her. I’ll say no more.

Then today, my first day in the studio after this whole thing, I received a wonderful inspiring bundle from Hoodie.

I’m sure you’ve seen her gorgeous fabrics! Well, I’ve got some today :-)

I stumbled upon her blog and fell in love with her fabrics! I’ve contacted her  regarding one of her designs and got the chance to get these for some new baby patterns. Can you imagine how I feel this morning?!  Thank you Hoodie for being a sun beam !!!



Perfect applique tutorial


I have sooo many fabric pieces. Most of them are wool and wool blends. Now that cold winter steps in, I want to make wool stuff. One of the projects on my mind is a quilted woolen. Since most of the wool fabrics are dark and grayish, a good idea is to use applique to lighten it a bit. So I was wondering how to do it without the applique making a bulk in the already bulky wool and came up with this idea. I’m sure I’m not discovering the wheel, and probably someone already came up with this idea, but since I searched the web and didn’t find it, decided to share it with you as a tutorial for the perfect applique.

As much as I LOVE the raw edge kind of applique, there are cases, when classic applique with folded edge is better or required. I think a play mat , that will be heavily used needs just that, or I’ll have to constantly make repairs.

The difficulty I find in applique is the time consuming shaping of the curves and the often teared inner angles. I choose to show you exactly this kind of shape – curves and angles, that will be hard and time consuming to shape with the regular cardboard and iron, or paper  and glue  method…

The whole trick is in a material I use on my embroidery machine – water soluble fabric. This is a non-woven fabric, that can be stitched and then rinsed leaving no traces. It’s a magic material I fell in love with, since it is helpful in so many things!

There are two kinds of water soluble stuff used in embroidery – the non-woven fabric, which you can sew a garment from if you wish (don’t go out if it’s cloudy! lol) and the water soluble foil, that is used to keep the embroidery on top of the fabric when terry cloth or velvet is the embroidery base. I’m using here the non-woven fabric, since the foil is too thin and flexible – like an ultra thin rubber sheet.  The fabric kind looks and behaves like some of the non-woven fusible interfacing.

Here is the tutorial:


Here are the materials you’ll need: water erasable marker, applique fabric, sketch of the shape, water soluble fabric


Trace your drawing to the water soluble fabric


Pin it to your applique fabric. The applique fabric right side should be facing the water soluble fabric


Using tiny stitches, go over the line of the shape and close it fully


Cut around the stitches, leaving only around 1/8 in and cut deeper into the corners, only don’t touch the stitching.

Clip crosswise a tiny opening, just enough to turn the piece around through it.


Use blunt pencil to help push the fabric all the way to the seam.


Here it is turned around.  If you wish, press without steam.


Place your applique on the desired place and pin.


Again, using tiny stitches go around it, very close to the edge. Decorative stitches can also be used here.


When you finish, pull the bobbin thread from the back side and it will pull a loop from the top thread.

You can tie a knot from the two threads and there will be no visible start or end of stitching on the face of your applique.


Here’s your perfect applique :-)

Fabric origami butterfly hair clip tutorial :-)

I’m inspired lately to make hair clips for my little one. No wonder if you only look at her hair! She’s going to kindergarten each morning with one or two braids and a handful of hair clips to hold the hair in place and while she gets to the door, her rebellious hair is already in a desperate need of a remake… This is every morning! I would’ve let her hair to play with the wind, but it’s the kindergarten policy to have it on a ponytail or braided.
I’m not a big fan of the ribbon “sculpted” hair clips. I like the lined ones, but that’s it. I’m a felt and fabric person. So I made this fabric origami butterfly hair clip. It can go on a brooch too, or even on a dress or hat.

It’s super easy!

I’ve used two different colors taffeta. The size I’ve cut my rectangles  is 2 1/3 by 3 1/2 inches or 6 by 9 centimeters – ratio 1 to 1,5 .


Place both pieces together with right sides of fabric facing.


Sew around all sides, leaving an opening on one of the short sides. My butterfly is so small, that I left the whole side open.


It looks like a little baggy thing. I’ve clipped the corners and turned it around. Pulled all corners and ironed.

Iron the opening seam allowance (1/4 in – 6mm) toward the inside and  top stitch at 1mm from the edge.


Iron the rectangle. If you’re using a thin sheer fabric, it”s a good idea to add a fusible interfacing before cutting the rectangles, so it makes crisp creases.

Next, fold in two (meet the short sides) and then one more time in two, again the short sides meet.Fabric-butterfly-origami-5



Make a fold, bringing the upper fold corner to the center, like shown on the picture.

Repeat the same with the second fold corner and you should have a house shape.


If needed, pin the folds. Iron each fold.


Here’s the house!


Now take one of the center folds in the bottom middle and fold a triangle inward.


Like this^


Do the same with the second corner.

Sorry for the blurry picture – winter time here with very little light today…  Anyway, open the triangle fold just made and stretch it toward the center of “roof” of the house shape.


Open the second fold too and pin to hold. The taffeta didn’t take well my pins – you could probably see the holes in the fabric.


This is the back of the butterfly at this stage.


Fold the center triangle downwards and pin.


Now take your butterfly to the machine and make a seam right through the middle between the wings. I’m using an embroidery thread for the whole project here, but chose white , so you can see it. It would be better to use a matching color or a complementing one.


I made another seam under the bottom wings to hold them in place.


I’m using a double pointed flower stem for the antennae.  Sew the butterfly to a hair clip. The hair clip I’m using has 3 holes in the base. That’s all!