My Wings top baby & toddler pattern


The Summer isn’t officially here yet, but since yesterday was 31C  I thought it’s time to give this pattern a new go.

I made the “My Wings” blouse this time in hot summer red.  The different here is, that I used my favorite KAM snaps instead of making buttonholes and sewing buttons. The other difference is, that I used ready made orange bias tape for the neck and arm openings.

I found out recently, that many are hesitating to use bias tape and avoiding projects with use of it and it made me wonder. The truth is, that this is one miraculously easy to put and professionally looking finish to almost any neckline or hem. With the ready tapes that are now sold in all the colors imaginable, it is a BIG time saver too.

Do you find it intimidating too?

I’ll put a small tutorial for the use of the bias tape soon, so stay tuned :-)

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