Magnolia fabric flower tutorial

This is the magnolia flower – simple fabric made embellishment, that can be adapted to use for brooches, shoe clips, clothing or hair accessories.
I’s very easy to do. I shot a new pair of baby shoes for a friend that I wanted to embellish.
First I cut 4 big petals  and 2 small. Both are freehand cut. The smaller petals are in the shape of 8.
If you want your fabric not to fray, then dip a small piece of paper in carpenter’s white glue and go around the edges of the petals. This glue dries clear and isn’t water soluble once dry. This way your petals will keep their edges clear. You could use Frey-check too. I like the frayed edges.

On the next picture is shown how to stitch the petal. You should gather all four petals on the needle.

Keeping all petals in a row, pull the needle through the point you started from on the first petal.
Now gather all petals in a circle and pull the thread.
Without cutting the thread gather in a similar manner the smaller petals, only this time stitch in the middle of the petal.
Next stitch the first small petal in the center of the flower. Repeat with the second small petal, but place it perpendicular to the first.  Make few stitches in the center to fix al the petals in place.
Again, without cutting the thread from the flower, sew in the center few pearls or beads. Since I need the flowers for the baby shoes I made, I’m very careful to stitch through the pearls several times. I know they are
only calcium, but no mother will be happy if the baby eats them : )
With the same thread attach the flower to the shoe or whatever you want to embellish.
Here is how adorable they are – my linen magnolia baby shoes!

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