Machine embroidery

Well, I said I’ve been doing a lot of things and it’s true. Aside from drawing and sewing, I started turning my drawings into machine embroideries. It’s called digitizing and it takes quite a lot of time, but the results are so satisfying, that I’m already hooked. It’s hard for me to tell which I like better – the embroidery machine applique or the raw edge applique done with regular sewing machine. I guess both have their place when accent is needed and it depends on fabrics and the effects that you want to achieve.

I definitely don’t like the looks of cheap embroideries, mostly on kids clothes, that the market is so flooded of and may be this is partially what keeps me from placing them on clothing I sew, they just overdid it! I’m trying to find the thin line before it gets too much.  From another point an illustration with good esthetics will not be overdoing it if made properly. It’s very challenging, but it’s worth.

Yesterday I made a mushroom applique to go on a toddler’s pants, around the knees (see the picture?)  and a mushroom and clovers embroidery.

I’d like to make a quilt with some embroidered center squares and thought, before going bigger, like a child’s quilt, maybe try it on something smaller, like a table mat or some other small project.

Now here are the pictures I took yesterday. Have a wonderful day!


Toadstool Applique

Toadstool Applique

Toadstools, bee and clovers

Toadstools, bee and clovers

3 thoughts on “Machine embroidery

  1. Ute

    Oh wow, I just love these! :-)

    I’m currently doing some research w.r.t. the kind of embroidery machine I’d like to buy in a few months’ time. May I ask which one you’re currently using and why? And what programme are you using to digitize your embroideries?

  2. Ute

    Indeed, many of them are quite expensive for private use. But I’m hooked; I definitely want one. ;-) Thank you for the info and have a nice Sunday! :-)



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