Crochet pattern

Ok, it took me some time to make the pattern, but here it is! Especially for Peggy W!
I’m not very familiar with the American terms for crocheting, since I learned from my Grandmother and then learned to read German style patterns, which look much like mine. Or the opposite – mine looks like German style crochet pattern :-)
Anyway, for those who love edgings, enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Crochet pattern

  1. peggy w

    Thank you so much. I love things like this. Thanks again for your time and talent. This is going to be fun. Peggy W.

  2. Rosana

    Thank you! I´m working on it
    I´m a crocheter and want to share diagrams like yours, but I don´t know which sofware to use. What program do you recomend me?

  3. lena

    Hi Rosana, you can use any online graphic tool. I’m not very familliar with them, but if you google it I’m sure a dozen will pop up. Otherwise, draw and scan :-)

  4. Cheryl

    I’m with Vicki, I crochet and can read a pattern but never have figured out how to “read” diagrams. Do you have written instructions?

  5. Cynthia

    I would be interested in written instructions to this pattern, please. I love your work!
    Thank you!

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