Comforting butterfly

Well, we’re moving. Ugh… may be Yay!… not sure yet.

I hate changing apartment, but the owner is selling the one we live in the last 5 years, so we have to move.

It’s not rushed, but it turns my whole world around! This means packing everything (I mean EVERYTHING) and moving all furniture and washing machine, dryer,freezer, air conditioner, dishwasher… As this is not our first change of apartment as a family, I know it’s actually good, because I’ll get rid of a lot of stuff and it’s a relief , but not being able to work for  a month and the adaptation period in the new place are not what I looked for this Summer.

The stress is huge and I have been through this, so I know what to expect. More or less. But my little one was born in this place and cant understand why we’re leaving “our” home and where we’re going. I can’t even imagine how stressful is this for a 4 year old! Her big brother is doing better, but not happy as he might not be able to see his friends from the building as often. And it’s almost the end of the school year. Need I add more?

The good thing is I’ll get to sew new stuff for the new house!

I started already by making this new butterfly (I must be having something for butterflies!) hair clip holder.

It’s viscose felt with cotton plaid and some stitching. The ribbons are sewed to the back and there’s loop behind the bug’s head, so hang it.

It’s for the new kids room and will be kind of a sweet new thing to be looking for. I’ll be making also a floor pillows for the kids. They don’t have floor pillows now, since the space is too small, so it’ll be a surprise.

Thinking also for some other little things to toss around at the new place, so the kids get excited and feel better about all this. I don’t have a lot of time, so these must be small or fast going projects.

Accepting ideas!

Felt applique and embroidery hair clips holder

Felt applique and embroidery hair clips holder

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