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No camera :-(

It’s almost a month already, that I’m camera- less.  Thank goodness, the camera itself is ok, but the batteries are dead.

Apparently they are some kind that is not widely used and now I’m waiting for the local store to deliver a new set for me. I could’ve ordered them through internet and a bit regret I didn’t.  It takes too long already and I feel like I’m missing some part of myself. Can’t document anything properly. Tried to shoot some stills with the video camera, but she’s not comparable to the photo camera. The pictures are nor so crisp nor well colored as I’m used to. Well, I suppose there will be some more waiting.

Good thing is the city is all white and the trees are covered with snow like in a winter tale. It’s the perfect time to get a cup of hot cocoa, a good book or something small to crochet and watch the snow piling from the warm hug of the couch. Ah…

Love the winter when I don’t have to go outside.8038747603_0ae6aa4df4_o 8038747891_bf40607a91_o

New year approaching

This year is almost over and less than 10 days to the new one. It feels a bit overwhelming. My plans are growing and I have to keep reminding myself to keep them realistic :-)

By drawing the line for this year I’m deeply grateful for my awesome supporting family and the new friends I’ve found.  Wish I have found more time for blogging. May be this new coming year will bring me more peaceful time for creating. Blogging will follow. I don’t like new year’s resolutions – instead of bringing a wanted change they tend to raise the pressure and lower you self esteem if you fail, so I won’t have any of these, but will instead wish for myself to have even more new friends, keep my curiosity to the world and have lots of fun and love!

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas!

Cork and linen coasters tutorial

Here it is:

You’ll need a piece of cork ( mine is 2mm thick), fabric with the same size, carpenter’s white glue,
knife or shears, needle, embroidery floss and … iron.
Iron lightly the cork piece from both sides. Mine is cut from a roll, so I have to do this to flatten it.
Don’t use steam or it will buckle. Put generous amount of glue.
I use my fingers for spreading the glue. If you like use a brush. Sorry for the picture!
Iron the fabric you’ll be using and place it on top of the glue, wrong side facing down. Press it with fingers and make sure there are no trapped air bubbles under the fabric.  If the glue dries and there are bubbles, there is no way to remove them….
Iron again, while still wet. This speeds up the drying process and fixes the glue in both fabric and cork.
I don’t wait for the glue to completely dry, but it would be better to wait. Use a roller cutter or knife and square the sandwich.
I don’t like the square and am going to round the corners with shears.
It is easy to cut and doesn’t spoil the shears.
Here are my two coasters – brown and natural linen. It can be done with any fabric. I haven’t tried to wash them yet, but spot cleaning should work fine.
Now you can transfer an embroidery pattern and stitch it, or use silk ribbons to make a running stitch around the edge. The surface can be easily block printed or stamped….
As any other ambroidery, there are several ways to finish the stitching, but I chose to tie it.
I’m in a hurry today and didn’t have time to finish this properly(i.e. go all the way around…), but you got the idea.
These coasters are very light and nature friendly, so give them a try!
Be back soon with more and don’t forget the Christmas giveaway :-)

Ninja mittens

I wondered what kind of mittens could I make for a 10 year old, that is either playing with toys and watching cartoons, or talking about girls…. In this age i’ts so hard to predict what will they like. One day it’s a toy that has label “for children over age 3″ and the other day they’ll say “Oh, I’m old for this!” and give you a look, that will make you think you’ve missed some 15 years from yesterday!
Anyway, I risked it and made these woolen ninja mittens. I have worked on the pattern this summer and now is the perfect time to use it. I also got my BIG boy to like the ninjas. So I’m one happy mom today :-)



Not a table runner…

I know I said these will become a table runner, but at the end decided to go for coffee or tee coasters set of 4.
They are prettier in person =) I took the picture in the evening and the colors are bad, but hey, I’ve finished them after they were laying around for two months! I can live with these colors.  Will be back tomorrow with a surprise ;-)

She’s here!

She’s here – my new beauty! And works like a dream! I have so much to learn now, but am so excited about all the possibilities she’ll give me. Already digitized and made an applique, quite simple one, on the new slim toddler jeans. Will post pictures later.  Now I’m going to play  :-D

Crochet pattern

Ok, it took me some time to make the pattern, but here it is! Especially for Peggy W!
I’m not very familiar with the American terms for crocheting, since I learned from my Grandmother and then learned to read German style patterns, which look much like mine. Or the opposite – mine looks like German style crochet pattern :-)
Anyway, for those who love edgings, enjoy!

How to find time for all?!

Well, I love to make all kinds of embroidery – crosstitch, handstitching, Roccoco, red work, white work….
I love to crochet too! My Grandmother told me how when I was around 6. Probably the most enjoyable for me are the crochetted edgings. … and Christmas angels…. Oh, and snowflakes. I love the huge table covers, but hey, who has so much time? It’ll take me years to finish one!
Grandma also taught me how to do netting with the strange two sided fork looking tool, that I inherited from her and she used it in school back in the 40’s. I never completed my “education” in net work, but intend to some day…
Some 15 years ago I saw a Burda magazine for tatting and fell in love with the look of the lace. Well, I learned that too, although it took me quite some time to figure out how to move those shuttles, since no one I know was able to teach me.
I really wanted to learn to knit lace and I guess it can happen some day, thogether with the learning to make bobbin lace. Ah… When do I find the time to practice all this?! I’m crossstitching now these hearts for a patchwork table runner I’m making for my mother in law. The crocheted edging is for a natural linen dress, but I can see it finished for the next summer with this speed, as I need more than 3 yards… And I wanted to make some angels this Christmas – I always seem to give them away. At the same time, school year is starting in just 3 weeks and I have a list of things to sew.

How one can find time for all this?!

Ribbon, please!

Well, I need ribbons for my projects and since I draw and paint, why not make them myself? Even more my beloved linen doesn’t take well synthetic woven ribbons. There are gorgeous trims and ribbons on the market , but not cotton! Japanese ribbons are beautiful, but not colorful enough for my needs, at least what I have seen (and I’ve seen a lot!). So here they are!

Buzzy summer…as allways

For so long didn’t have time for this! Now it’s time to share few things.
I finished this summer set of knee pants and top with straps and couldn’t resist to add a heart applique on the top’s front.
The next thing I couldn’t resist was adding some embroidery over the applique and on the pants. It’s very delicate – rose buds and leaves. I used natural linen and cotton for this set. This year I’m so drawn to linen! Probably will choose something different as colors for the next set, but this is the original : )