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Toddler skirt – knit and sew

I’m a fresh knitter. I mean I’ve tried to knit so many times, but crochet has always been easier for me.
Finally got it last winter. There were these beautiful wool yarns I couldn’t pass and once they were mine, there was no turning back. Hope to have the time to keep mastering my knitting this winter in the evenings.

I’m a slow knitter. Very slow. So adding a small knitted pockets to a skirt is totally fulfilling for me at this stage :-)





Berry Picking Skirt

Fun boy’s room pillow

I’ve tried paper piecing few times and it’s a love-hate relationship.  As much as I love the tiny pieces of fabric and the pictures they create, I hate when I make it wrong and need to take the seam ripper. Actually I hate ripping seams, so most often I’ll start it from scratch. That’s exactly what happened with this robot paper piecing. Three times.

The pattern is wonderful – all is numbered and clear, if only there was anyone to follow the numbers.

Anyway, I did it right finally and I love the result! Made the backing from a black dot minky fabric.

The lucky boy loved it too :-)

Boy's room decorative pillow

Cute robot paper pieced boys room pillow

Boy's room decorative pillow

Learning new techniques

I’ve been exploring the new to me field of paper piecing with a pattern of my awesome friend Rumi from Right Patterns and got in spring mood… Check out her blog to see her wonderful mini quilts with urban twist.

Here’s what I did with her patterns:



I was quite intimidated in the beginning, since I’ve never done paper piecing, and all those tiny pieces looked impossible to piece accurately, but it’s actually super easy and great fun! You should try. And the best part is I’ll get to use those bags of scraps I’ve been collecting for years!

Ayosa Musk (Muks?) finished

Well, I didn’t get to make good pictures since it was too dark, but instead of waiting for a moment to be able to do that again (probably through the weekend), decided to go with these. Will try to make better with the bed.

Still not clear what her last name is, but the first is Ayosa.


Doll Body

Doll Body

DSC06443 DSC06446 DSC06449

What?! Doll?!?

Yes. A Doll. With a capital D.

It’s a doll for my little one.  I have to admit and may be upset some of you, but I honestly can’t stand Barbie dolls or any other close looking dolls. I’m from those weirdos that believe the aesthetic we teach our children affects them for life and actually affects the next generations in a way. If I scale down to my little girl, I’d love to see her healthy and self accepting no matter what.  So I’m now making a new doll for her. Human doll. The Waldorf one I made last year is waiting for a serious bath. ..  and repair :-)

I started making her yesterday from white Belorussian linen and got to the clothes. Sewing them now. There is yet hair to be sewn or crocheted, haven’t decided yet on this. In the mean time my husband made a wonderful wooden rocking bed for her. The mattress and pillow are already made and I need now to make little quilt. Any ideas about it?

Here some WIP pictures. Have a great day!


Doll Body

Doll Body

Doll face primed and painted

Doll face primed and painted

Machine embroidery

Well, I said I’ve been doing a lot of things and it’s true. Aside from drawing and sewing, I started turning my drawings into machine embroideries. It’s called digitizing and it takes quite a lot of time, but the results are so satisfying, that I’m already hooked. It’s hard for me to tell which I like better – the embroidery machine applique or the raw edge applique done with regular sewing machine. I guess both have their place when accent is needed and it depends on fabrics and the effects that you want to achieve.

I definitely don’t like the looks of cheap embroideries, mostly on kids clothes, that the market is so flooded of and may be this is partially what keeps me from placing them on clothing I sew, they just overdid it! I’m trying to find the thin line before it gets too much.  From another point an illustration with good esthetics will not be overdoing it if made properly. It’s very challenging, but it’s worth.

Yesterday I made a mushroom applique to go on a toddler’s pants, around the knees (see the picture?)  and a mushroom and clovers embroidery.

I’d like to make a quilt with some embroidered center squares and thought, before going bigger, like a child’s quilt, maybe try it on something smaller, like a table mat or some other small project.

Now here are the pictures I took yesterday. Have a wonderful day!


Toadstool Applique

Toadstool Applique

Toadstools, bee and clovers

Toadstools, bee and clovers

Just a quickie

This whole week I’ll be sewing, so no much time for anything else, but couldn’t resist to post the new set dress and vest, that I finished these days. It is just so sweet! I bought the fabrics from internet few months ago and they are flannel cottons. The vest’s lining is cream colored fleece.


Flannel dress

Flannel dress

Flannel vest

Flannel vest


Sweetest compliment I ever got!

Mom, when you grow up, you’ll be like Pippi Longstocking and you’ll have a white horsey!

How about that!

She turned 3 last week. Loves to embroider and draw.  Can’t keep myself of wondering what she’ll choose to become when she grows up,and am enjoying the most wonderful and magical moments with her now!

She inspires me in most things I do and gives me great ideas! Well, half of it all. The other half is inspired by her big brother, from whom I got a warning not to write or post about. He’s 10. That’s all I’m aloud to say now. He’s a dreamer and wants to invent things.


My Christmas doings

Just showing what I did for Christmas (my handmade gifts)  for my boy and my little girl. It was fun experimenting with machine embroidery and quilting. They love the pillow cases and I love how they turned out. Now two quilts are waiting to be sewn to complete the sets, but since I’ve planned (and bought) using Riley Blake’s Colorful Christmas line and I feel like Spring already, I wonder if these won’t be left for the next winter season…

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